We must move Inland to Cessnock: Sea Level Rise in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Teenagers in the recent murderous shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Florida USA have quite rightly publicly resisted the ongoing threat of murder and mayhem at the hand of insane shooters with high powered automatic weapons. Mass murder is a massive existential threat that cannot and ought not be ignored. The students properly […]

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  A positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces where the boundaries between self and the rest of nature are obliterated and a deep sense of peace and connectedness pervades consciousness. (eu =good, tierra = earth, ia = suffix for member of a group of {positive psychoterratic} conditions). [Albrecht 2010] (Pronounced: […]

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The Psychoterratic Typology

  The Realm of Negative and Positive Earth Emotions Terraphthoran (Negative) Origin and Year Terranascian (Positive) Origin and Year Nostalgia Hoffer 1688 Endemophilia Albrecht 2010 Eco-Necrophilia Fromm 1965 Biophilia Fromm 1965 Biophobia Kellert & Wilson 1995 Biophilia Wilson 1984 Ecophobia Sobel 1995 Ecophilia Sobel 1995 Solastalgia Albrecht 2003 Topophilia Tuan 1974 Global Dread Albrecht 2003 […]

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Solastalgia in the Anthropocene and the Ghedeist in the Symbiocene

  Abstract The Anthropocene epoch is based on the evidence of dominance of human affairs over all natural processes at a planetary scale. It is also characterised by countless biocidal catastrophes worldwide with mass bee death by insecticides just one that has received world-wide attention. Those sensitive to the scope and scale of these insults […]

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Escaping from Escapism

I have finally figured out why people actually want climate calescence (the great warming) to happen. There is an urge within many of us to want a form of Armageddon to purge all our failings and for everything to start all over again. Our lives have become so full of difficulty that incremental change for […]

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Memerosity and The New Mourning

I suggest that the ‘new mourning’ contains the emergent elements of detailed knowledge of causality, anthropogenic culpability and enhanced empathy for the non-human (Albrecht 2016-7). The etymological origins of the word ‘mourning’ come from the Greek language, memeros related to ‘a state of being worried’ and its meaning is associated with being troubled and to […]

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“Solastalgia: the distress caused by environmental change”

“The people I was concerned about were still ‘at home’, but felt a similar melancholia as that caused by nostalgia connected to the breakdown of the normal relationship between their psychic identity and their home. What these people lacked was solace or comfort derived from their present relationship to ‘home’. In addition, they felt a profound sense of isolation […]

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