Symbiocene Principles

In what I hope will be a relatively short period of time (perhaps decades), there will be a point in human social development where almost every element of human culture, habitat and technology will be seamlessly re-integrated back into life cycles and processes. In order to get to that preferred state of living, I suggest […]

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Generation Symbiocene

The generations produced by the Boomers, and now, their own children, are labelled as vague, directionless tribes in the Anthropocene, but now is their time in history to unite and fight for a cause that is without peer … themselves and their own future. The artistic tribes have already moved in this direction and I […]

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Communication in the Symbiocene

The many positive attributes of Generation Symbiocene, centred on high levels of education and technological sophistication, enable them to communicate with each and every Symbiocene inspired movement worldwide. Similar communications systems to the ones now being used in Western contexts can also be transferred to developing contexts. This can be done without the need for […]

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We must move Inland to Cessnock: Sea Level Rise in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Teenagers in the recent murderous shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Florida USA have quite rightly publicly resisted the ongoing threat of murder and mayhem at the hand of insane shooters with high powered automatic weapons. Mass murder is a massive existential threat that cannot and ought not be ignored. The students properly […]

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  A positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces where the boundaries between self and the rest of nature are obliterated and a deep sense of peace and connectedness pervades consciousness. (eu =good, tierra = earth, ia = suffix for member of a group of {positive psychoterratic} conditions). [Albrecht 2010] (Pronounced: […]

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The particular love of that which is locally and regionally distinctive as felt by the people of that place. Endemophilia is derived from the English word, ‘endemic’, is based on the French word, endémique and has the Greek roots, endēmia (a dwelling in) and endemos (native in the people) and philia (love of). The positive psychoterratic emotion of endemophilia can be […]

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