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Imminania: a powerful feeling of sorrow for what is about to happen, deep sorrow for the future.


From imminent; ‘about to occur’ (Latin imminēns: to overhang) and the Greek ania (a form of algia, Greek; algea) that is characterised by the emotion of sorrow or sadness).

From the Greek, Ania (Ἀνία – “sorrow”).

We could have three different kinds of future ‘pain’:

Imminalgia (future pain), imminachos (future grief), and imminania (future sorrow).

All formed from the Greek as there are three forms of ‘algea’: Lupe (Λύπη – “pain”), Achos (Ἄχος – “grief”), and Ania (Ἀνία – “sorrow”).

Chair 3

[The author: sitting in the hot-drought of 2019-20 … feeling imminania about the summer of 2020-21]

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