Month: June 2020

Every Emission Counts: Avoiding the Erasure of Identity

There are many important issues on Earth right now. Movements such as “Me too” and now, “Black Lives Matter” are hugely important in addressing systematic injustice. Today, I carefully examined a graph (above) that shows that there is one huge issue over-riding all others … climate warming. As Siberia melts 80 years ahead of sober

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The Importance of Language: “the expansion of my language means the expansion of my world”.

If “the limits of my language … mean the limits of my world”, as the early Wittgenstein once argued, then our current language has impoverished both humans and the nature it supposedly describes. I am a scientific realist, yet I acknowledge the power of language and narratives in creating the zeitgeist, through which humans interpret

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Covid-19, Pandemics and Solastalgia. From Alternatives Journal 32:4/5 2006.

Covid-19, Pandemics and Solastalgia. From Alternatives Journal 32:4/5 2006. “Any context in which pervasive change to the existing order challenges place identity has potential to deliver solastalgia. Transformative technologies and emergent disease (for human and non-human life) have enabled change to occur to cultural and natural environments at a speed that makes adaptation difficult, if

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