If I live to be one hundred years of age, it is my hope that my life will come to exemplify a neologism that is best defined as sumbiotude, or the state of living together. Sumbiotude is the exact opposite of solitude: instead of contemplating life in isolation, sumbiotude involves contemplation and completion of a lifespan with the loving companionship of humans and non-humans.

(sumbios = Greek, Living together and the Latin, tūdō,  a state or condition)

Use, for example, “the pandemic is bringing sumbiotude out from the solitude as Italians sing to each other from their balconies”.


2 comments on “Sumbiotude”

  1. Hi Glenn,

    I appreciate your posts and especially resonate with this one. I wanted to share with you a recent contemplative short film listening to the ecology of grieving landscapes within and without me – all connected. Enjoy and please know that I would love to connect or collaborate with you in any way that would be helpful and/or moving. Peace your way from Bisbee, Arizona where I am currently living off-the-grid…


  2. Thank you Kali. I am working away on a book, ‘The Symbiocene’. However, the pandemic is causing me much ‘disturbance’ so I am not making progress at the moment. At least growing vegetables stops my brain from vegetating. Send me a link to the film you mentioned and I will view it. Welcome to the Symbiocene! Glenn.


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