World War Three and Green Muscle.

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Green Muscle 1

The origins of the word ‘war’ have meanings connected to states of confusion and being ‘mixed-up’. Many humans are now at war with the environment they inhabit. They are also fighting fellow humans who desire the ongoing conservation of a ‘green’ world. There are now two huge tribes opposing one another in this discombobulated world, and their confrontation seems inevitable. It is a war between the forces of construction and the forces of destruction. We have then all of the makings of World War Three (WW3). Why not make it official?

I declare WW3.

This new global war will not be fought with guns, but will be a war where positive Earth- supporting emotions will have to directly confront negative Earth-destroying emotions. One tribe is out to destroy themselves and the Earth, while another is out to nurture themselves and the Earth. The battle lines could not be clearer. A…

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