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Sumbiocide is the deliberate killing of symbiotically unified communities of life at all scales. Sumbiocide is inflicted by humans on the living parts of the symbioment and societies. It is a sub-set of ecocide or the deliberate destruction of the living and non-living elements of ecosystems and tierracide, the deliberate destruction of the totality of complex life on Earth. Sumbiocide is the opposite of symbiogenesis or the symbiotic creation and building of complex life. It is the deliberate and systematic destruction of the life in symbiotically unified communities, including human communities.

For example: The destruction of the symbiotically created and unified coral reefs of the world by Anthropogenic climate change is an act of sumbiocide.

sumbio: Greek from sumbios, meaning to live together and; cide: Latin from  cida, meaning killer.