Climate Calescence.

Climate Calescence: An increasingly warm climate. To be distinguished from a changing climate or a cooling climate. Suffocale? (a feeling of being trapped by all-encompassing, increasing heat). Use: The heat wave is suffocaling me, if this suffocaling does not end soon, I will expire. I am suffocaled and will expire. From: suffocate (Latin suffōcāre, suffōcāt- : sub-, sub- + faucēs, throat.) and calescence (C19: from Latin calēscere to grow warm, from calēre to be warm). […]

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A form of social, cultural and literary criticism that evaluates all forms of creative endeavour from the perspective of: The degree of interconnectedness between the social world and the biological and ecological systems that support it The level of awareness of the forms symbiotic ‘living together’ between different types of beings on this planet The ability […]

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Cognalgia = pain or distress in the mind caused by conceptual overload or the complete disruption of all previous forms of cognition-as-usual. From Latin cognitiō, cognitiōn-, from cognitus, past participle of cognōscere, to learn and algia = pain.

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Koalas: A Retrospective

The Koala and a native sense of place: the urgent need for  a distinctively Australian environmental ethic (Written in the year 2000 for a QLD Koala Conference; 17 years later, nothing has changed. See: The Guardian: Jan 16 2017, Koalas are at the centre of a perfect storm, the species is slipping away . Abstract […]

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