Sumbiocentric and Sumbiocentrism



Orange Frog 2 IMG_4663

As opposed to being anthropocentric or human-centred, to be sumbiocentric means that one is taking into account the harmony of interests in the total symbioment. The aim is to maximise symbiotic ‘unity-in-diversity’ and to hold that state of affairs for as long as possible. Sumbiocentrism is a philosophical position that posits maintaining diversity and harmony within symbiotically unified complex systems is the highest good.

What is good for humans will be to live together with the richest diversity of life to maximise the vitality and viability of interconnected life forms. (Greek, Sumbios = living together).

Sumbiocentrism also differs from biocentrism (species) and ecocentrism (ecosystems) in that it is focused on the shared life  between collaborating organisms in microbiomes, holobionts, mesobiomes and the biosphere.

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