“Solastalgia: the distress caused by environmental change”

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The people I was concerned about were still ‘at home’, but felt a similar melancholia as that caused by nostalgia connected to the breakdown of the normal relationship
between their psychic identity and their home. What these people lacked was solace or comfort derived from their present relationship to ‘home’. In addition, they felt a profound sense of isolation about their inability to have a meaningful say and impact on the state of affairs that caused their distress. ‘Solastalgia’ was created to describe the specific form of melancholia connected to lack of solace and intense desolation.” (PAN 2005).

Albrecht, G., G.-M. Sartore, L. Connor, N. Higginbotham, S. Freeman, B Kelly, H. Stain, A. Tonna, and G. Pollard, 2007, “Solastalgia: the distress caused by environmental change,” Australasian Psychiatry 15: S95-S98.

Source: “Solastalgia: the distress caused by environmental change

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